Monday, September 12, 2005


I have had a bit of a breakthrough on The Fifth World, my Shadow of Yesterday-based game rules that I am working on. I was having trouble with one of the core concepts, called Outside points. The main barrier I was having here was that the consequences of using these points was too dire. No one would ever want to transgress because of the negative effects. I finally had an epiphany for these, and that is to use the pre-existing pool system in TSoY.

Now, characters in The Fifth World will have three pools, as follows:

Inside: The inside pool represents the character's connection to his community and clan. This pool is refreshed by engaging in community-building: chatting, helping your neighbor, doing maintenance around the village, etc.
Outside: The outside pool represents the character's alienation from the People. The more transgressive acts (crimes) the character commits, the higher this pool grows. These dice can be used in conflicts, but they will have later negative consequences when used. This pool is refreshed by isolating oneself, spurning neighbors or family, and generally acting antisocial.
Renown: The renown pool represents the character's fame. This will be important for increasing ranks in kiva societies, and is refreshed by bragging about one's exploits. Renown is neither outside nor inside, but can lead in either direction.

These are not entirely fleshed out yet, but this is a good start on where I want to go with this game.


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous russell collins said...

Can dice be substituted for each other or are they blocked from certain acts?

Can I kill my rival in town with reknown dice? Or is that automatically outside?

This can be a good way to provoke players to use dice they would ordinarily avoid. For example with reknown I can rebuke my rival, but if the situation turns and we come to violence, everyone is upset and we are using outside dice.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Brennan Taylor said...

You would choose which pool you wanted to draw on when you decide on your action. The results of the action, and the outcome you can request, would vary depending on the pool you use.

To use your example:

If you decided to sneak up on top of a house and shoot your rival in the back with an arrow, then try to skulk away, you would use your outside pool.

If you decided to go to the center of town and pick a fight with him and win, then you could use your renown pool.

If you wanted to get the community to turn against him, and execute him for a crime, then you would use your inside pool.


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