Friday, March 02, 2007

The Voice of the Revolution Episode 5

The latest episode of the Voice of the Revolution is live!

This episode, Paul and Brennan do a Nine Worlds review and interview Push editor Jonathan Walton.

Show notes:
0:29 - Welcome to the fifth episode of The Voice of the Revolution. Brennan starts us off with IPR news.
Legends of Alyria
2:34 - Nine Worlds, by Matt Synder, is a game of Greek gods and aetherships.
13:59 - Jonathan Walton sits down with Paul and Brennan to discuss Push.
24:21 - In Pravda, Brennan continues his series on game design.
31:02 - To wrap things up, Paul and Brennan talk about what they're playing now.

Other Games:
The Riddle of Steel
The Burning Wheel
The Shadow of Yesterday
Breaking the Ice
Memoir '44
My Life with Master
The Mountain Witch (and Kwaidan)

Other Links:
The Sons of Kryos
Knight Realms


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