Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Voice of the Revolution, Episode 6

The Voice of the Revolution Episode 6 is now live!

Paul and I do a Conspiracy of Shadows review and interview Joshua A.C. Newman and Emily Care Boss.

Show notes:

0:29 - Welcome to the sixth (slightly delayed) episode of the Voice of the Revolution. As always, Brennan starts us off with IPR news.
Vs. Outlaws
3:26 - Conspiracy of Shadows, by Keith Senkowski, is a game of Doom and Destiny in an analogue of medieval Poland.
13:11 - Joshua A.C. Newman (Shock:, Under the Bed) and Emily Care Boss (Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon) stop by to talk about their games and their gaming group.
27:11 - Brennan brings the next installment of Pravda, in which he discusses the importance of external playtesting.
35:52 - Paul and Brennan close the show with a brief discussion of what they're playing right now.
Other Games:

Conspiracy X
Call of Cthulhu
The Mountain Witch
Mortal Coil
Spirit of the Century
Primetime Adventures
Full Light, Full Steam
Other Links:

Games Expo
Nerdly Beach Party
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