Friday, May 12, 2006

Mortal Coil: The 10-Minute Demo

Over on The Forge, there's some really good advice about convention demos, and some aimed at GenCon specifically. Since I am debuting Mortal Coil at the convention, I am putting together a 10-minute demo and walkthrough for the game.

A demo should be a scenario that gets right to the good stuff, and I am planning on using a scene from an actual game I ran with my group. The setting is Old Gods, where the deities of dead religions gather in a Philadelphia bar, and the situation is a love triangle rivalry between Pluto, Jupiter, and Proserpine. The nice thing about this scenario is that it will be easy for folks to drop into, if they know anything about Greek or Roman myth. Even if they don't, a love triangle is a concept just about everyone understands. Also, it can support up to three players (and in my experience, you don't really want more than this for a convention demo). Another benefit: I only need to write up three characters for the demo.

I am going to take a page from Timothy Kleinert's excellent Mountain Witch demo and do what he did: Write a complete script that anyone could pick up and use. This helps me, because then other people can run the demo easily.

I'll be posting the demo here when it's done.

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At 1:31 PM, Blogger Guy said...

I want to see it just to have more of an idea of what the game is about.

I think even more important than a Demo is to right now push onto the internet information about your game.

Frankly, we know one line of your game, and very little else.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Brennan Taylor said...

Hey, Guy,

Thanks for the feedback. I will post a synopsis here and on my forum on the Forge. The info on the blog isn't particularly systematic or organized.


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