Tuesday, November 15, 2005

[Mortal Coil] Old Gods

I am preparing for the first playtest session of Mortal Coil this Friday. I have two ideas for sample games that will be included in the text of the book to demonstrate how you start a campaign and how you play. One is very low magic, the other has lots of magic. I figured why not start out with the big magic, so I am going to run the Old Gods campaign idea.

The basic concept is really just a sketch, because with the new magic token system, players will have a lot of say in how things work in the game world. I wanted to start off with just an idea, and let it take shape as we build characters and create facts for our game world. So, Old Gods:

There is a bar in Philadelphia, a seedy old place on a rundown, out-of-the-way street. This bar is special, however, because it is frequented by old worn-out gods. No one worships them anymore, but they still linger, walking the earth, and dropping in to this bar for a drink every once in a while.

I'm interested to see where this goes in play when everyone begins making characters and defining what these gods can do.


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