Friday, May 19, 2006

What Is Mortal Coil?

Mortal Coil is a game about magic and passion.

Mortal Coil is about magic. When you play Mortal Coil, your group creates a magical world from the ground up, starting with the setting, all in about half an hour. Mortal Coil is not setting specific--it's wide open. You can create games about ancient gods, flying carpets, student wizards, or all of the above. Every player is able to add new magical facts to the world during play, and the setting evolves and grows as you are actually playing. The only rule is that magic always has a price.

Mortal Coil is about passion. When you play Mortal Coil, you will create a character defined by several passions. These passions tie your character to the situation, to the other characters, and to the supporting characters and antagonists. These passions drive the story, as your character acts on, denies, or changes these things that are important to him.

Mortal Coil uses no dice. Characters are defined by three sets of characteristics. Starting a game takes no preperation, and you get good stories out of it every time. Stories about magic and passion.



At 4:53 AM, Blogger Guy said...

GM, GM-less, veto regarding what you can add in, how does it handle campaign length play, etc.

Your post is a good Part 1, mostly about colour and feel, I am now asking for a Part 2 where you talk more about the mechanics, the intestines of the game.

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Brennan Taylor said...

Here's more:

There is a GM. When you start play, the group builds a theme document that contains the basic rules of the world, including tone. As you continue to play, anyone who wishes to spend a resource (magic tokens) to add magic to the world may do so, but it must be consistent with the theme, and these new facts get added to the theme document and cannot be later contradicted.

Players also have the option to take brief directorial control in a scene by spending another resource (power tokens).

You can play a short game, or a longer campaign if you wish, and characters can be of very different power levels (from relatively unskilled mortals, up to ageless immortal beings like angels).

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Guy said...

You should put that as a seperate post, so it'd be more noticeable.

So, you create the world and then play characters in it, does the world keep on rolling or the characters shape it?

Are the characters or the world the focus?

And I'm trying to do two things here:
1)Get to know more of your game.
2) Get you to define your marketable information, rather than just what you think it is.


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