Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Voice of the Revolution, Episode 7

Episode 7 is now live! Paul and I review Hero's Banner and interview Chris Hanrahan of Endgame Oakland.

Show notes:
0:29 - Despite audio problems, Paul and Brennan are back for the April show. As always, the episode starts with IPR news. New:

The Zorcerer of Zo (PDF)
Intergalactic Cooking Challenge (PDF)
Nine Worlds (PDF)
Seven Leagues (PDF)
Vs. Monsters (PDF)

Dust Devils Revenged
Beast Hunters

02:41 - Hero's Banner, by Tim C. Koppang, is a roleplaying game that focuses on coming of age stories.
15:38 - Chris Hanrahan of Endgame in Oakland, CA, talks with Paul and Brennan about indie games from a retailer's perspective.
29:07 - Brennan talks about the process of procuring art for your game in the latest installment of Pravda.
39:26 - Paul and Brennan talk about what they're playing now. Paul even goes first this time.

Other games:

Dogs in the Vineyard
Mortal Coil
Don't Rest Your Head
The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach
carry. a game about war.
Primetime Adventures
Mystery of the Abbey

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