Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Preparing for my Old Gods game this Friday, I did some research for the bartender. I wanted a relatively obscure god of alcohol, not Bacchus or Dionysus. Still, I wanted the guy running the bar to be connected to drink in some way, and via the awesome Encyclopedia Mythica, I found this guy:

The Egyptian god of oil and wine pressing.

That's all they say about him, and with an article that small, I figure he's obscure enough. I've never heard of him, after all. So, Sesmu it is.

After a little additional research, I found some additional facts that make me want to use him even more. Not only is he the god of wine, thanks to the wine press, but he is also the god of executions, because of the resemblance of wine to blood, and the fact that beheadings take place on a block reminiscent of a wine press.

A very interesting back story for a guy who runs a seedy bar these days. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game world turns out.


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